Human-Centered Design

Design of the Future

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I view design as a broad field of practice and theory where designers are responsible for intuiting social, cultural, economic, and technological change; then adapting design tools, processes and methods to harness, steer and leverage those changes for the betterment of humanity. When designers improve people’s lives they create opportunities for business to thrive and grow. Everyone wins. (more…)

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Conferences & Events

ROI: The Innovation Equation

On December 7-8 at the Museum of the City of New York, IDSA, Symbol Technologies and BusinessWeek will demonstrate the impact of innovation meeting investment. Hear from powerful industry speakers such as Jim Wicks, IDSA, Motorola’s vice president and director of consumer experience and design, who will share his insights about Motorola incorporating industrial design into its corporate infrastructure. (more…)

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Philips Research: Technology: Digital Society: Entertaible

Entertaible concept: combination of electronic gaming and traditional board games. The Entertaible concept is a tabletop gaming platform that marries traditional multi-player board and computer games in a uniquely simple and intuitive way. Entertaible comprises a 32-inch horizontal LCD, sophisticated touch screen-based multi-object position detection, and all supporting control electronics. (more…)

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