On December 7-8 at the Museum of the City of New York, IDSA, Symbol Technologies and BusinessWeek will demonstrate the impact of innovation meeting investment. Hear from powerful industry speakers such as Jim Wicks, IDSA, Motorola’s vice president and director of consumer experience and design, who will share his insights about Motorola incorporating industrial design into its corporate infrastructure.

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Learn from Philip Thompson, IDSA, Whirlpool’s design director, global consumer design, where innovative design has helped spearhead profits and set Whirlpool on a strong path of differentiation from others in the home appliance category.

Hear from Dev Patnaik, IDSA, principal of Jump Associates, about how he helps visionary business leaders discover new opportunities for growth and then translate their vision into reality.

Microsoft’s Steve Kaneko, FIDSA, design director of the Entertainment and Devices Division, and Bill Buxton, principal researcher in Microsoft’s Research Division, will share what is important to Microsoft and their corporate strategies.

Rinat Aruh, principal of aruliden, will share insights she gathered as global strategy manager for MINI Lifestyle at BMW Group AG and vice president of marketing for Forth & Towne. And as always, the perspectives shared by Bruce Nussbaum, H/IDSA, assistant managing editor of BusinessWeek, will be invaluable.

Don’t miss this influential line-up moderated by Alistair Hamilton, IDSA, Symbol’s VP of corporate innovation and design, and Ray Martino, Symbol’s chief technology officer, as they share their key learnings in fostering a culture of innovation.

IDSA will also share the corporate effect of the Design and Business Catalyst Awards, which demonstrate how various designs have impacted the market with sound business and financial results. Hear from the winners of this prestigious design award that is gaining even more traction in the industry.

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“The designer has now moved from the studio to the boardroom, a transition that will change the way companies think forever.”

–Paul Hatch and Deana McDonagh, REALIZE: Design Means Business