Human-Centered Design

Design of the Future

I view design as a broad field of practice and theory where designers are responsible for intuiting social, cultural, economic, and technological change; then adapting design tools, processes and methods to harness, steer and leverage those changes for the betterment of humanity. When designers improve people’s lives they create opportunities for business to thrive and grow. Everyone wins. (more…)

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The Magic of Teams: People, Process & Purpose

For decades I’ve been evangelizing People, Process and Purpose as key enablers of innovation, breakthrough design and successful business. I began to sense something interesting early in my career when working on multimillion dollar projects with large teams. Despite the chaos and dysfunction that routinely existed, when success happened, I could often trace it back to a small group of people.  (more…)

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New UX Blog: InspireUX

Catriona Cornett has recently launched an awesome new UX blog titled InspireUX. According to Catriona:

This site posts inspiring user experience quotes on \”quote cards\” that you can save or print, to remind user experience designers of the impact that their work has on the world.

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Design & Art: On Creativity

For those of you who have known me for a while you’ve no doubt heard me on my soapbox lecturing about the distinction between art and design. Simply put, Design is a creative problem solving discipline whereby we solve problems for a particular group of people, more often than not,  in the interest of furthering a business interest. (more…)

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