about, with & for is a collaborative forum hosted by the Institute of Design to discuss emerging topics, methods and issues in design research. The core values of research and discovery methodologies have been embraced by leading companies wishing to increase brand legitimacy, capacity, and impact. What challenges are on the forefront for these leading institutions?

More than ever, companies look to designers to lead the way in strategy and innovation. about, with & for 2006 remains on the forefront of business by introducing and challenging topics such as simplicity in design, do-it-yourself research methodologies, design in education, social responsibility, design thinking in public policy, and structured decision making.

A platform that fosters cross pollination of new ideas and concepts of user-centered research methods, about, with & for is imperative when facing today’s demanding market challenges. This year’s conference will offer insight and meaning through lectures, roundtable discussions, workshops, and networking sessions.

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