Human-Centered Design

Design of the Future

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I view design as a broad field of practice and theory where designers are responsible for intuiting social, cultural, economic, and technological change; then adapting design tools, processes and methods to harness, steer and leverage those changes for the betterment of humanity. When designers improve people’s lives they create opportunities for business to thrive and grow. Everyone wins. (more…)

By Challis, ago
Artificial Intelligence


Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, are aiming to create biologically inspired “roboflies” — tiny, inexpensive, quick-moving robots they can send into space for planetary exploration. Imagine swarms of inexpensive robots seeking out life in other galaxies. The concept is simple really, just as schooling fish and flocking birds have evolved to take advantage of the increased odds of survival so too would the robots. (more…)

By Challis, ago