RTI: Revolutionizes! Home Theater Control With the Innovative TheaterTouch T2 Remote!

The Challenge

With the advent of DSS comes more programming selection than one can imagine–hundreds of channels! Combine that with an endless number of electronic devices for the home theatre, countless remotes, blinking VCRs and a dark environment and you have a real navigational and control challenge. RTI approached Challis Hodge with a tabletop version of their high end remote already in production. The challenge was to address the coming wave of DSS and create a handheld product allowing users to make sense out of hundreds of channels and control a plethora of peripheral home theater equipment.

The Solution

The RTI TheaterTouch T2 Universal System Controller is the answer this complex challenge. A users cognitive abilities to map hundreds of channels to a numeric equivalent on the remote quickly breaks down with DSS. An icon driven display adds the additional spatial and contextual relationships allowing for easier and faster recall time. In the T2 we combined a backlit touch screen icon driven display with a balanced ergonomic design. Glowing touch pad with one-touch backlighting and an unparalleled programming and learning capability. The result was a remote that offered highly usable navigation capabilities in an ergonomic handheld format!