Increase sales through increased consumer interaction with appliances

Leverage kiosk/vignette to floor more product

Expose consumers to non-floored SKUs

Drive Eco-Frugality marketing message

Train sales associate on Amana brand


Designed a kiosk experience using a Kinect interface to explore and experience Amana product family and market messaging

Coordinated suppliers to construct and deploy kiosk displays

Deployed in 7 store pilot, Deploying 90 in Q4 2013

Customer Feedback & Testing
Evaluate Current In-Field Feedback
Conduct In-Store User Testing
Evaluate Gesture-Based Interaction Model

Develop Analytics Capability
Develop Centralized Analytics Database
Incorporate Analytics Software
into Kiosks
Implement Data Analytics
Reporting System

Implement Automated Content Deployment
Develop Central Command Center
Automated Content Deployment System
Per Kiosk/Regional Campaign Deployment

Explore Future Opportunities
Whirlpool Multi-Brand Platform
(Technology & Lifecycle Cost Reductions)
Microsoft Kinect 2.0 Capabilities (Multiple Actors, Engagement, Gender Detection, Heart Rate, Voice Interaction, Etc.)
Integrate With Store Data

Define & Test New Hardware
Wi-Fi Enable All Units (GSM Option)
Replace Appliance Kinects with Sensors (Reduce Cost)
Identify Lower Cost Display and Processor (Reduce Cost)
Implement Wireless Remote Access Capability

Update User Experience
Implement Gesture-Based UI
Improve Overall User Experience Based on Testing


  • Preliminary data 60% increase in sales for august year over year
  • Extremely strong interest/demand from trade partners at Buy Fairs