An entry level white goods brand was struggling to to reach its target customer with a new eco frugality brand message. In addition a shrinking retail footprint was making it difficult to deliver their message consistently across multiple customer touch points. There were fewer skus carried on the retail floors, fewer skus carried in stock, and the retail sales folks were unfamiliar with and uneducated about the brand. Research indicated customers shopped in pairs and when they interacted with appliances were far more likely to purchase them.

Activities included customer research, omni-channel customer experience, product innovation, product design, hardware design, user experience, software development, video production

Research: Shopping in Pairs, Context Drives Sales, Retail Inconsistency.

Kiosk In Store Phase 1.

Microsoft Kinect Sensor.

Phase 2 Hardware Exploded View.

Final Configuration Phase 2.

Technology Testing with Kinect.

Kiosk In Use Phase 1.

Microsoft Kinect Sensor.

Phase 2 Configuration Options.